January 2, 2016

More than just the land: a discussion of rural women’s equality

Rachel Friedman

The starting point was logical: land. But, as with many of the complex and thorny issues discussed at the Global Landscapes Forum, addressing gender, natural resources, and rural livelihoods involves thinking outside that box. We started at square one: in rural areas of developing countries, women own less land, under…
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December 30, 2015

Moving Africa toward sustainable development through landscape partnerships

Mariteuw Chimère DiawAfrican Model Forest Network

Over the next 15 years, The Sustainable Development Goals envision a world free of extreme poverty. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to eradicate the roots of extreme poverty. This ambitious goal requires development to take on a new, integrated model to finish what the Millennium Development Goals starte…
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December 28, 2015

Seeing the water basins for the trees

Rachel Friedman

It’s pretty easy to continue with accepted theories, among like-minded colleagues. Yet, a collegial discussion on managing forests for water and climate, hosted by WeForest at the Global Landscapes Forum, pushed boundaries a bit. In this talk, world leaders moved beyond mere mechanics of the water cycle to more full…
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December 22, 2015

Six individual competencies for working with multi-stakeholder partnerships

Minu HemmatiHerman BrouwerWageningen UR, Centre for Development InnovationJim Woodhill

Good multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) don’t just happen. As discussed in our previous blog, multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) need to be carefully designed and facilitated. People working with MSPs in landscapes are brokering, convening, and moderating communication, meetings, and joint action – all of wh…
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December 21, 2015

Integrated approaches to landscape planning and management

Nicky JennerFauna and Flora International

From desert to tropical forest, mountain range to coastal plain, extractive and agricultural sectors are increasingly affecting even the most remote and fragile ecosystems around the world. These are ecosystems that provide a range of benefits (in the form of ecosystem goods and services) and support multiple objecti…
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December 18, 2015

Partnership debuts campaign encouraging UN member states to scale up integrated landscape management to achieve the SDGs

Louis WertzEcoAgriculture Partners

Now is the time for governments to adopt new approaches to development and sustainable growth. To overcome climate change and achieve the sustainable development goals will require a new development paradigm. Fortunately, such an alternative model already exists, called ‘integrated landscape management’, and it ha…
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