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July 6, 2016

Current agricultural practices stand in the way of sustainability: It’s past time to diversify

Emile FrisonBioversity InternationalFabrice A.J. DeClerckBioversity International

The over-reliance on chemicals, fertilizers and mono-cropping is the primary driver of environmental degradation on the planet—it’s agriculture’s dirty secret. The evidence for this is now overwhelming: today’s agricultural practices are a key contributor to rampant biodiversity losses, degradation of some 20 …
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June 17, 2016

Jurisdictional sustainability: connecting supply chains to landscapes

Catherine RothackerEcoAgriculture Partners

Jurisdictional approaches are emerging as a promising model of landscape partnership. Landscape partnerships take many forms: regional watershed stewardship, private sector initiatives to generate shared value, indigenous traditional systems, etc. Jurisdictional sustainability approaches are distinct in that they spe…
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June 11, 2016

Four science-backed suggestions for sustainable landscape investments

Interest in investing in sustainability is on the rise. With the Paris Climate Agreement and the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals last year, the political demand to further sustainability across sectors and scales is stronger than ever- a fact that is reflected in current investment trends.Achim Steiner, …
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May 31, 2016

Networks for Large Landscape Conservation in North America

R. Patrick BixlerTexas A&M University

A central challenge of working at the many different scales of the Crown of the Continent is the number of boundaries that exist across the landscape. Applications of network governance at the Crown of the Continent The Crown of the Continent is a vast, unique region, with its 18 million acres stretching from Montana…
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May 25, 2016

North American Models of Large Landscape Conservation

R. Patrick BixlerTexas A&M University

Environmental Problems do not have boundaries and Conservation Challenges affect everyone. Climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and ecosystem degradation affect diverse groups of people across large areas. These problems transcend jurisdictional and other socially-constructed boundaries. Action to addr…
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May 11, 2016

Agriculture or Forest? Studying Tree Cultivation in West Java, Indonesia

Syed Ajijur RahmanUniversity of Copenhagen, Bangor University, and CIFOR

Small-scale farmers in Indonesia boast a number of agroforestry systems that integrate biophysical and socio-economic functions. In Gunung Salak Valley, West Java, farmers have a range of agroforestry practices that can be classified into five systems: home gardens, fruit tree systems, timber tree systems, mixed fruit…
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