Case Studies

Investigations of specific landscapes, institutions, and programs to illuminate challenges, opportunities and innovations for the landscape approach.

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18 Results for Case Studies

Collection of CARE-WWF Alliance Learning Briefs

The collection of seven briefs linked here share lessons learned from integrated conservation and development programs in Mozambique, Nepal and Tanzania carried out by the CARE-WWF Alliance.

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Spatial scenario modelling to support integrated landscape management in the Kilombero valley landscape in Tanzania

  • Seth Shames
  • Sara Scherr

The importance of spatial scenario modelling to credibly support pathways to achieving the SDGs, and how our tool was applied to this effect, is clear in this case study.

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Towards a Living Landscape: using modelling and scenarios in the Atewa-Densu landscape in Ghana

  • Seth Shames

Read this case study to understand how applying our spatial scenario modeling tool helped sharpen the plan that accompanies the Living Landscape Vision, and make the case for alternatives to destructive mining.

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Spatial scenario modelling to support integrated landscape management in the Caribbean North Coast of Honduras

  • Sara Scherr

View the details of the application of our spatial scenario modeling tool in this dynamic landscape.

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Learning Landscapes

This brief book highlights, in their own words, the achievements of the integrated landscape initiatives brought together in the East African Regional Learning Network of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative. It also describes the...

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Infographic: An Illustrated Look at Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Africa

  • Eva Fillion
  • Elise Ursin

We surveyed leaders and managers of ILIs in 33 African countries to provide the first region-wide portrait of contexts, motivations, design, participation and outcomes of such initiatives. Results suggest that ILIs are promoting...

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EcoLogic Pico Bonito Case Study Cover Image

Bridging the Gap from Local to Landscape in Northern Honduras

  • Dave Kramer
  • Brian Lunardi
  • Barbara Vallarino

This case study focuses on an approach to scaling up local-level development and resource management projects to a broader geography, uniting forces across a landscape. It proposes that a strong local "backbone" organization is needed for...

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Advancing and Balancing Ecological Conservation, Agricultural Production and Local Livelihood Goals in Kenya’s Kikuyu Escarpment Landscape

  • Louise Buck
  • Courtney Wallace-Stokes
  • David Kuria
  • Jeffrey C. Milder

This case study characterizes the Kikuyu Escarpment landscape and describes the ways in which an integrated landscape management approach has enabled local communities to define and pursue their goals related to agricultural development and...

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Building a Collaborative Vision for Landscape Action: Lombok project experience

  • Anna Lyons

This case study shares how different actors in a landscape can move towards collaborative multi-stakeholder and multi-sector action for managing landscapes sustainably, drawing on lessons from Lombok.

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RIABM’s Approach to Cross-Landscape Knowledge-Sharing: Ingredients for Success

  • Josique Lorenzo
  • Fernando Carrera
  • Ronnie de Camino
  • Roger Villalobos

This piece reflects on the Red Iberoamericana de Bosques Modelo (RIABM or Ibero-American Model Forest Network) approach as a basis for the creation of strong and effective networking initiatives. It aims to provide insights for other similar...

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