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Documents designed to help practitioners and community organizations improve their capacity to implement the landscape approach.

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Cover of Public Policy Guidelines for ILM January 2017 Final

Public Policy Guidelines for Integrated Landscape Management

  • Seth Shames
  • Krista Heiner
  • Sara Scherr

National and sub-national policies that create the enabling conditions for integrated landscape management still need to be put in place in most areas of the world. Thankfully, policymakers have a..

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African Business Roadshow Presentation - LPFN Initiative - Cover

The Landscape Approach For Sustainability in African Agribusiness

  • Lee Gross
  • Louis Wertz

The booklet was designed for leaders of African agriculture, food and beverage companies, and for the civil society and government land managers working to engage them. It offers cases of..

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Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.36.03 PM

A Landscape Perspective on Monitoring & Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management

  • Louise Buck
  • Raffaela Kozar
  • John Recha
  • Ayal Desalegn
  • Christopher Planicka
  • Abigail Hart

This manual will aid trainers of sustainable land management (SLM) professionals to organize and conduct effective courses on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) from an integrated landscape management..

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Ground-Based Photo-Monitoring of Landscape Changes Arising from Sustainable Land Management Practices

  • James Lassoie
  • Louise Buck
  • Lindsay Myron, Consultant

Aimed at sustainable land management researchers and practitioners, the method presented here uses photographs to track land-use changes in order to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of..

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Spatial Planning and Monitoring of Landscape Interventions: Maps to Link People with their Landscapes

  • Louise Willemen
  • Raffaela Kozar
  • Ayal Desalegn
  • Louise Buck

This guide is designed to stimulate and provide a clear process for the use of maps in cross-sectoral collaborations to locate, design and monitor interventions in rural landscapes.

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Tropical Fruit Tree Species and Climate Change

  • Bhuown Sthapit

Ripe for the picking, opportunities for sustainable fruit production At the nexus of climate change and growing demand for fruits, there are both opportunities to seek and challenges to deal with...

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