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Whole Landscapes

Agriculture, development and conservation organizations big and small are joining up to connect their best programs and research with a network of local landscape initiatives. The aim: to create and sustain integrated agricultural landscapes world wide.

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A Worldwide Research Project

Using a network of partners around the world, we’re undertaking a global review of the science and practice of integrated landscape management. As we learn, we’re sharing the results in a variety of forms - all available right here.

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Africa Continental Review Infographic bite
March 2015

An Illustrated Look at Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Africa

Eva Fillion Elise Ursin

We surveyed leaders and managers of ILIs in 33 African countries to provide the first region-wide portrait of contexts, motivations, design, participation and outcomes of...

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Featured Tool
June 2014

The Landscapes Portal

Tor-Gunnar Vagen

The ultimate goal of the Landscapes Portal is to improve our understanding of drivers of change in complex social-ecological systems. ...

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A Network of Learning Landscapes

Let our online events and in-person workshops connect you to the experts, practitioners and tools you’re looking for. Then join the discussion so others can learn from you.

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Global Growth Agendas Image
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza, Italy May 24, 2015 - May 27, 2015

Global Growth Agendas: Regions, Institutions and Sustainability

Rural areas are facing their traditional isolation, weakness and vulnerability in new ways. This conference would like to invite to critical debate ab...

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African Institute for Capacity Development, Jomo Kenyatta University June 2, 2015 - June 3, 2015

East African Learning Landscape Regional Knowledge Exchange

Bringing together leaders from the learning landscapes in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania to exchange knowledge and experiences on integrated landscape ...

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