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March 2, 2012

Community Action for Food Security and Resilience

Deborah HinesWorld Food ProgrammeCatherine ZanevWorld Food Programme

Nearly half of the communities in the Pichincha Province of Ecuador are affected by chronic malnutrition. One example is the Olmedo community, in which 90% of the residents live below the poverty line, and 40% are malnourished. Many small-scale farmers cannot feed their families adequately, as they have little or no ac…
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March 1, 2012

DESIRE Sustainable Land Management

Info-brief 8: Using land for the benefit of all The DESIRE research project is a collaborative effort to develop integrated approaches to combating land degradation. Above is a booklet recently produced on "using land for the benefit of all." It is based on the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies…
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February 29, 2012

Niche Product Markets: A Silver Bullet for Agrobiodiversity Conservation?

Adam G. DruckerBioversity International

Only around 30 plants account for more than 85% of global crop production. The majority of the planet’s food comes from a very small number of crops: out of approximately 380,000 plant species known to exist, fewer than 20% are eaten, and only about 150 are domesticated for farming. Despite providing a key input into…
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February 28, 2012

Agroecological Grazing at Scale

A recent article in the open-source journal Solutions describes an integrated approach to the provision of public ecosystem services. Authors Joshua Farley, Abdon Schmitt F., Juan Alvez, and Norton Ribeiro de Freitas Jr. present an example of Management-Intensive Grazing (MIG) as a case study for how an incentivesch…
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February 27, 2012

Landscape of the Week: Bangladeshi Wetlands

Local Governance and Empowerment for Improved Wetland Management By Winrock International Staff, Edited by Gelsey Bennett, Senior Program Associate Winrock International, Arlington, Virginia, USA The Management of Aquatic Ecosystems through Community Husbandry (MACH) project in Bangladesh (implemented 1998-2009) develo…
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February 24, 2012

Farming Watershed Health in Nepal

[embed][/embed] Earning from Nature to Pay for its Upkeep (रुप फेर्दै रुपा) from Mahesh Shrestha on Vimeo. Farmers in the Kaski district of Nepal have formed the Rupa Lake Rehabilitation and Fisheries Cooperatives Limited to help protect the watershed. Increased silt…
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