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March 29, 2013

Retrospective on Forest Strategy

Earlier this week we highlighted the many functions  trees and forests serve within agricultural landscapes, contributing both to the well-being of people and the health of the ecosystems. Of course, the how of protecting and integrating trees and wooded habitats in landscapes is an additional topic for discussion. FAO’s guide on agroforestry for decision makers target ...
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March 27, 2013

The Ways and Means of Expanding Agroforestry

Rachel Friedman University of Queensland

When looking at the mosaic of land uses, agroforestry systems are one of the most important means of harmonizing environmental protection and agricultural growth. Though most commonly known for its use in “forest farming”, other means of agroforestry such as serving as windbreaks for farm land, riparian forest buffers and inter-cropping can provide both environmental [&hell ...
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March 25, 2013

The Multifunctional Landscapes Roadshow

By David King, Head of International Relations at the French Agricultural Society (SAF) As last week concluded with both a day to celebrate forests and another to celebrate water, it is clear that landscape approaches within agricultural systems can provide the suite of services and functions needed for healthy ecosystems and healthy people. While forests […] ...
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March 22, 2013

Payment for Watershed Services: A Win-Win Strategy for Climate Change and Development?

Happy World Water Day! Celebrating the 20th anniversary, the day is observed annually to focus attention on sustainable management of freshwater resources. Agriculture is also a critical piece of the puzzle, both relying heavily on rainfall or irrigation for production and impacting the quality and quantity of surface and below-ground water supplies. This year’s theme [&helli ...
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March 21, 2013

More Than Just the Trees: Lessons for Sustaining Global Forests

By Ruth Nogueron, People & Ecosystems Program at WRI (a Landscapes Initiative Co-Organizer), originally posted on the World Resources Institute Insights Blog. Today is the first annual International Day of Forests, celebrating and raising awareness of the importance of all types of forests. Trees and forests have featured prominently on the Landscapes Blog (and will be a ...
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March 20, 2013

Ten Commandments in Our Nutrient World

Friday marks the annual observance of World Water Day, during which issues around freshwater management come to the forefront. One of the major threats to the quality of freshwater resources is pollution from the land. In the past 50 years, use of synthetic nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers have risen substantially (9 and 3 fold, respectively), […] ...
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March 18, 2013

Fostering Farmer-driven Innovation: Creating Opportunities for Sustainability

Fiona McKenzie Australian Futures Project

Editor’s note: In the last two posts the Landscapes Blog looked at what is needed for transitions to more integrated and sustainable systems of agricultural production, in both an industrialized and developing nation context. These types of large-scale changes are often orchestrated with high level policy shifts, but individual farmers also play an essential role [&hellip ...
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March 15, 2013

Towards Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes in Suriname

By Dr Agnieszka Latawiec, the International Institute for Sustainability, Brazil On Wednesday we presented a vision from the Solutions from the Land initiative for a 21st century model of agriculture in the United States. Today, Dr. Agnieszka Latawiec of the International Institute for Sustainability provides insight into another example of agriculture in transition, offering u ...
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March 13, 2013

Finding Solutions From the Land

Rachel Friedman University of Queensland

“We have now, for the first time in human history, the capacity to not only feed a planet, but to do it with tools that allow us to look at biodiversity, look at ecosystem benefits, look at a sustainable way of doing this. We have the capacity, but do we have the will to do […] ...
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March 11, 2013

A Double-Edged Sword: Gender and REDD+

By Abidah Setyowati, Core Associate, Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (WOCAN), USA. Last Friday, the world observed the 102nd International Women’s Day, and for the past week, the Landscapes Blog has honed in on issues related to gender and landscape management. Today, Abidah Setyowati shares WOCAN’s experience integrating gender in ...
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