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January 31, 2012

Collaborating for Landscapes

By: Mr. Kazuhiko Takemoto, Senior Fellow and Program Director United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies, International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative, Yokohama, Japan The recent birth of the world’s seven billionth person in October 2011 was just the latest in a series of wake-up calls to the global community. The strain being placed on […] ...
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January 30, 2012

Landscapes for People, Food and Nature: Introducing our Blog

By Dr. Sara J. Scherr, President EcoAgriculture Partners, Washington, DC, USA I worked for 25 years as an agricultural economist in tropical rainforests and hillsides, studying sustainable agricultural development in what were then called “marginal lands” for farming. I was answering questions like: “can farming be sustainable here?” and “given their importance for bi ...
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