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Financing Integrated Landscape Investments in Africa

  • Seth Shames
  • Kedar Mankad
  • Elsie Attafuah
  • Kwame Awere-Gyekye
  • Mohamed Bakarr

Financing systems must yield public goods and private financial returns while mitigating investment risks. This brief puts ILM finance into context and provides recommendations for actions to improve..

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National Policy to Support Landscape Management in Africa

  • Seth Shames
  • Richard Munang
  • Joseph Tanui
  • Odigha Odigha
  • Alice Kaudia

Summarizing and synthesizing the latest policy research on the state of land management in Africa, this brief provides a foundation and suggests major avenues for the critical policy action needed to..

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Engaging Business for Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Africa

  • Lee Gross
  • Christine Negra
  • André Brasser
  • Laura Fox
  • Gabrielle Kissinger
  • Matthew Parr
  • Mao Amis
  • George Sikoyo
  • Andrea Athanas
  • Winnie Mwaniki

This brief explores the ways in which the business sector can be further engaged in African landscapes now and in the future.

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