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21 Results for Governance and Implementation

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Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Integrated Landscape Initiatives

  • Koen Kusters
  • Louise Buck
  • Maartje de Graaf
  • Peter Minang
  • Cora van Oosten
  • Roderick Zagt

In this article we propose a participatory method to aid planning, monitoring, and evaluation of multi-stakeholder platforms, and we report on experiences from piloting the method in Ghana and..

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Cover of Public Policy Guidelines for ILM January 2017 Final

Public Policy Guidelines for Integrated Landscape Management

  • Seth Shames
  • Krista Heiner
  • Sara Scherr

National and sub-national policies that create the enabling conditions for integrated landscape management still need to be put in place in most areas of the world. Thankfully, policymakers have a..

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Cover of Executive Summary - Public Poluidelines for ILM January 2017

Executive Summary of Public Policy Guidelines for Integrated Landscape Management

  • Seth Shames
  • Krista Heiner
  • Sara Scherr

For those policymakers, agencies, and organizations struggling with biodiversity mainstreaming, climate action, rural poverty, food insecurity, zero deforestation commitments, or any other goal that..

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Integrated Landscape Management: The Means of Implementation for the Sustainable Development Goals

Integrated landscape management ensures that by managing the underpinning natural resource base and ecosystem services in a coordinated way, societal needs can be met in the short and long term...

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East African Learning Landscape Regional Knowledge Exchange Workshop Report - June 2015_Cover

East African Learning Landscape Regional Knowledge Exchange Workshop Report

  • Krista Heiner
  • Christopher Planicka

This workshop report includes summaries of each session that took place during the two-day event, plus information gathered from participants in a follow-up workshop evaluation.

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ProducerMovements Cover

Multi-functional landscapes from the grassroots? The role of rural producer movements

  • Abigail Hart
  • Philip McMichael
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • Sara Scherr

This paper explores the role and recent evolution of producer movements in influencing multi-functional farm and landscape management, and suggests that producer movements are playing pivotal roles..

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Learning Landscapes

This brief book highlights, in their own words, the achievements of the integrated landscape initiatives brought together in the East African Regional Learning Network of the Landscapes for People,..

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Infographic: The Current State of Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Elise Ursin
  • Eva Fillion

For this study, we define ILIs as projects, programs, platforms, initiatives or sets of activities that: (1) seek to simultaneously improve food production, biodiversity, ecosystems and rural..

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Climate-Smart Landscapes - Multifunctionality in Practice Cover

Climate-Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality in Practice

This edited volume explores a 'landscape approach' to achieving multiple climate, social, development and environmental objectives.

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EcoLogic Pico Bonito Case Study Cover Image

Bridging the Gap from the Local to the Landscape in Northern Honduras

  • Dave Kramer
  • Brian Lunardi
  • Barbara Vallarino

This case study focuses on an approach to scaling up local-level development and resource management projects to a broader geography, uniting forces across a landscape. It proposes that a strong..

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