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29 Results for Potential Benefits of Integrated Landscape Management

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Integrated landscape initiatives in Europe

  • María García-Martín
  • Claudia Bieling
  • Abigail Hart
  • Tobias Plieninger

Landscapes are linked to human well-being in a multitude of ways, some of which are challenged by global market forces and traditional management approaches. In response to this situation there has..

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Examining multi-functionality cover

Examining multi-functionality for crop yield and ecosystem services in five systems of agroecological intensification

  • Kelly Garbach
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • Fabrice A.J. DeClerck
  • Maywa Montenegro de Wit
  • Laura Driscoll
  • Barbara Gemmill-Herren

Agroecological intensification (AEI) integrates ecological principles and biodiversity management into farming systems with the aims of increasing farm productivity, reducing dependency on external..

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Landscape Partnerships for Sustainable Development

To achieve the SDGs by 2030 will require a radically different paradigm of development than was applied to the Millennium Development Goals. A new approach that breaks down sectoral barriers,..

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SDG White Paper brief snapshot

Landscape Partnerships for Sustainable Development: A Policy Brief

Uprooting the drivers of poverty, inequality and food insecurity requires an overhaul of the current development paradigm. This will require replacing the siloed, sectoral approach to development..

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African Business Roadshow Presentation - LPFN Initiative - Cover

The Landscape Approach For Sustainability in African Agribusiness

  • Lee Gross
  • Louis Wertz

The booklet was designed for leaders of African agriculture, food and beverage companies, and for the civil society and government land managers working to engage them. It offers cases of..

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ProducerMovements Cover

Multi-functional landscapes from the grassroots? The role of rural producer movements

  • Abigail Hart
  • Philip McMichael
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • Sara Scherr

This paper explores the role and recent evolution of producer movements in influencing multi-functional farm and landscape management, and suggests that producer movements are playing pivotal roles..

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Infographic: The Current State of Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Elise Ursin
  • Eva Fillion

For this study, we define ILIs as projects, programs, platforms, initiatives or sets of activities that: (1) seek to simultaneously improve food production, biodiversity, ecosystems and rural..

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Climate-Smart Landscapes - Multifunctionality in Practice Cover

Climate-Smart Landscapes: Multifunctionality in Practice

This edited volume explores a 'landscape approach' to achieving multiple climate, social, development and environmental objectives.

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Managing for Resilience - Buck and Bailey - 2014_Cover_Page_01

Managing for Resilience

  • Louise Buck
  • Ian D. Bailey

To strengthen food security and livelihoods, programs must help vulnerable communities build socially and ecologically resilient landscapes. Landscape-scale management of socio-ecological systems..

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Building a Collaborative Vision for Landscape Action: Lombok project experience

  • Anna Lyons

This case study shares how different actors in a landscape can move towards collaborative multi-stakeholder and multi-sector action for managing landscapes sustainably, drawing on lessons from Lombok.

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