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Publications and Events of the LPFN: 2011-2020



October 1, 2020


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A compilation of the publications and events of the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative, during 2011-2020


Updated October 2020


Over the past nine years, one of the major objectives of the LPFN was to analyze the state of knowledge about integrated landscape management (ILM), by synthesizing information and experience from across the many communities of practice working on ILM into a Global Review. 

All of the products contributing to this Global Review were defined collaboratively by LPFN Working Groups, and then implemented by LPFN partners with the main themes being: the Status of ILM, the Global Benefits of ILM, Technical Questions, Governance, Business and Finance, Policy and training priorities for professionals. 

The LPFN also fostered dialogue about ILM among organizations and communities of practice, globally and regionally, through events organized or co-organized by the LPFN. 

Finally, LPFN partners collaborated in the development of various multimedia products to raise awareness about ILM in an interactive way.

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