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May 22, 2018

Trees for more food, improved livelihoods and a better planet

Roger Leakey

A new paper in Food Security from International Tree Foundation Vice Chairman Roger Leakey seeks to draw together some lessons from the last 25 years of his career working in agroforestry. A breathing space yet to be filled Unfortunately, large-scale rural development projects using trees to provide a wide array of services and products have not been accepted by […] ...
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May 17, 2018

Vibrant Cities Lab: Urban Forestry at Your Fingertips

In the beginning, it was about the trees. 18th century urban growth in Europe had already begun to encompass nearby forests – Epping [London], Grunewald [Berlin], Fontainebleau [Paris]. In the US, Thomas Jefferson, disheartened by rampant cutting of trees in the swamplands of the new capital, confided to a friend that he wished he could […] ...
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