Addressing Challenges
Across Landscapes

Many challenges impact communities across countries and continents, no matter the landscape context. Browse these challenges here, and find the resources and experiences, shared by other landscape practitioners, that you need to take on your challenge. We will be adding more challenges as the learning network grows.

Engaging African Agribusiness Leaders in Landscape Approaches

African food and beverage businesses face growing risks. But with these risks also come important opportunities for companies that are well positioned to manage this complexity. To achieve this, however, a new development model for agricultural green growth is needed.

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Business for Sustainable Landscapes

There is unprecedented demand for public-private-civic cooperation to deliver solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges while simultaneously delivering business value, and the action agenda produced by this challenge program describes the pathways to meeting that demand.

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Sharing Knowledge Across Landscapes

There is a need to connect landscapes and their leaders together to share knowledge on approaches, tools, experiences, and lessons learned across communities of practice.

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Shaping National Policy to Support Landscape Approaches

Improving the policy environment for your landscape initiative is an uphill battle, but focus on the right leverage points and change is possible.

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Financing Integrated Landscape Management

How do landscape initiatives find the financial support they need to get started, maintain operations, and improve outcomes? Who is investing in landscape management now, and what are the barriers to increased investment in the future?

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Building a Collaborative Vision for Landscape Action

How to build a shared framework and action strategy for realizing multiple performance objectives from integrated landscape management.

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