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Dialogue and Action for Impact

The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative is an international collaborative initiative of knowledge sharing, dialogue and action to support integrated landscape management in order to achieve three simultaneous goals: improved food production, ecosystem conservation, and sustainable livelihoods.
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Worldwide Collaboration

More than 60 partner organizations from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are contributing their resources and considerable expertise to promote and strengthen landscape management around the world. We engage with policymakers, ministries, donors, civil society organizations, researchers, landscape managers, business leaders and farmers to demonstrate how a whole landscape approach can help them achieve goals as diverse as mitigating climate change, increasing rural incomes, reducing risks and improving agricultural productivity.

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Interconnected Challenges

Global challenges like biodiversity loss, poverty and food insecurity are highly connected, but the single-objective strategies that are often pursued to solve them - grow more food, conserve more habitat - can alleviate one problem while worsening another.

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Integrated Solutions

By addressing challenges at a landscape level, innovative practitioners are able to identify connections between agricultural production, livelihoods, and the environment and harness synergies in a more powerful way. The Initiative supports the uptake of integrated landscape management at a globally significant scale by sharing and evaluating knowledge, experience and challenges; showcasing and assessing tools and methods for implementation; building capacity of innovators and institutions; and advancing an ambitious agenda through research, advocacy, and partnerships.

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