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April 26, 2016

A globally significant opportunity in tropical conservation and sustainable livelihoods

Dr. Clare Taylor Kimberly to Cape Initiative

The Kimberley to Cape Initiative encompasses a quarter of a billion hectares of arguably the largest ecologically intact area of tropical savannas, rivers and shallow seas in the world. From Broome in the Kimberley, to Cairns at the edge of the Cape York Peninsula, the region spans 3,000 km over three jurisdictions and is home […] ...
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January 13, 2015

Learning the Diversity of Landscapes and People’s Land Use in Tropical Island Society

Takuro Furusawa Kyoto University

On a cultivation site located on a small barrier island, I encountered and interviewed an older man who was making mounds for new tuber crops: Q: “When did you start using this land as a crop garden?” A: “Oh, a very long time ago. I can’t say exactly when.” Q: “What was here when you […] ...
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December 16, 2014

Bottom up! Linking local plans to the big picture demands

Nadia Bergamini Bioversity International Camilla Zanzanaini

When we talk about large-scale landscape initiatives, one of the biggest risks is losing out on the detail. How do we continue to take into account the intricate dynamics between people and nature as we go bigger and bigger? Many large-scale initiatives can be quite top-down, while most people living in a landscape see things […] ...
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