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December 30, 2015

Moving Africa toward sustainable development through landscape partnerships

Mariteuw Chimère Diaw African Model Forest Network

Over the next 15 years, The Sustainable Development Goals envision a world free of extreme poverty. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to eradicate the roots of extreme poverty. This ambitious goal requires development to take on a new, integrated model to finish what the Millennium Development Goals started. To handle issues that are as […] ...
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December 28, 2015

Seeing the water basins for the trees

Rachel Friedman University of Queensland

It’s pretty easy to continue with accepted theories, among like-minded colleagues. Yet, a collegial discussion on managing forests for water and climate, hosted by WeForest at the Global Landscapes Forum, pushed boundaries a bit. In this talk, world leaders moved beyond mere mechanics of the water cycle to more fully embrace the complexity of integrated […] ...
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December 22, 2015

Six individual competencies for working with multi-stakeholder partnerships

Jim Woodhill Herman Brouwer Wageningen UR, Centre for Development Innovation Minu Hemmati

Good multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) don’t just happen. As discussed in our previous blog, multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) need to be carefully designed and facilitated. People working with MSPs in landscapes are brokering, convening, and moderating communication, meetings, and joint action – all of which can be part of MSP facilitation. Some come to this role ...
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December 21, 2015

Integrated approaches to landscape planning and management

Nicky Jenner Fauna and Flora International

From desert to tropical forest, mountain range to coastal plain, extractive and agricultural sectors are increasingly affecting even the most remote and fragile ecosystems around the world. These are ecosystems that provide a range of benefits (in the form of ecosystem goods and services) and support multiple objectives for the people and businesses associated with them [&hell ...
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December 18, 2015

Partnership debuts campaign encouraging UN member states to scale up integrated landscape management to achieve the SDGs

Louis Wertz EcoAgriculture Partners

Now is the time for governments to adopt new approaches to development and sustainable growth. To overcome climate change and achieve the sustainable development goals will require a new development paradigm. Fortunately, such an alternative model already exists, called ‘integrated landscape management’, and it has the support of everyone from forward-thinking corporations ...
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December 16, 2015

Seven principles for effective and healthy multi-stakeholder partnerships

Jim Woodhill Herman Brouwer Wageningen UR, Centre for Development Innovation Minu Hemmati

Today, there is no policy maker, business representative, or civil society director who will come to a sustainability conference without calling for more stakeholder engagement. There is also growing consensus among academics that any solution towards sustainable development requires partnerships. Likewise, landscape academics point out that landscape approaches are likely to ...
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December 11, 2015

Securing Dignity, Sustaining Nature, Part 2

Gaurav Madan Rights and Resources Initiative

While receiving community titles has kindled a cautious feeling of security among villagers, the politics surrounding protected areas continues to be precarious. Editor’s Note: Read the first part of this series, ‘Securing Dignity, Sustaining Nature’, here It is estimated that communities live in more than two-thirds of India’s protected areas. Since their l ...
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December 10, 2015

Securing Dignity, Sustaining Nature, Part 1

Gaurav Madan Rights and Resources Initiative

In the Simlipal Tiger Reserve in India, everyday life and culture are deeply intertwined with the surrounding environment, which is reflected in local knowledge of the area’s vegetation and biodiversity. My several-hour journey into the heart of the Simlipal Tiger Reserve in Odisha began in Jashipur, a small but bustling town on the edge of […] ...
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December 4, 2015

Grassroots forest management in Xinqi

Sander van de Moortel World Agroforestry Centre

Once crippled by rampant deforestation, this Chinese village organized to reinvigorate the landscape, and raise the quality of life, through sustainable forest management. Entering Xinqi (新岐), a small settlement near the Burmese border in southwestern China, is an experience unlike arriving in any other Chinese village. Surrounded by lush green mountains, the village immedi ...
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December 3, 2015

Transboundary landscape management in the Kailash Sacred Landscape

Corinna Wallrapp Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Among the peaks of the Chinese Tibetan Autonomous Region highland lies one of the most venerated sites in the world—Mount Kailash Located in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China, this sacred mountain has held a status of utmost importance for many different religious groups for thousands of years. Every year, a […] ...
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