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August 30, 2013

Disruptive Conservation: A Path to Landscape Resiliency

By Tim Gieseke, Founder and President, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC, USA As the Ecosystem Services Partnership conference draws to a close and we gear up for World Water Week beginning on Monday, our guest author today is bridging the topics of resilience and water resources management. Tim Gieseke brings us a “Landscape of the Week” […] ...
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August 28, 2013

A Bundle of Ecosystem Services: Principles for Resilience in Agricultural Landscapes

By Megan Meacham, Stockholm Resilience Center and Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Stockholm Yesterday, researchers at the Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference in Bali presented on ecosystem services provision to enhance resilience in agricultural landscapes. Interestingly enough, the means by which to maintain this “bundle” of ecosystem services span the actu ...
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August 26, 2013

Ecosystem-Based Approaches for Resilience

Whether for banana management in Uganda or a mixed crop and livestock system in Malawi, the provision of ecosystem services is increasingly promoted as an integral part of adaptation to change and resilience within landscapes. The blog concluded last week with a look at ecosystem services and public goods in multifunctional landscapes, and today marks […] ...
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August 23, 2013

Fairer by Far: Multi-functional Mosaics for Public Goods

By Duncan Macqueen, Principal Researcher, Forest Team, International Institute for Environment and Development, Edinburgh, UK Wrapping up another week looking at what resilience means in the context of a landscape, today’s guest author shares some insight on the management of public goods (e.g. ecosystem services) in multi-functional landscapes. This discussion highlights ...
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August 21, 2013

Managing the Land for a Resilient United Kingdom

While discussion of resilience often focuses on the middle latitude regions of the world, more northern climes are also tackling the challenge of how to be responsive to change. The United Kingdom’s Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change recently produced a robust report outlining how land use choices, particularly in agriculture, must shift [… ...
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August 19, 2013

A Framework for Resilience

By Fabrice DeClerck,  Senior Scientist, Agrobiodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Resilience (Bioversity International, Rome); Alexander Fremier, Assistant Professor Fish and Wildlife Sciences (University of Idaho, ); and  Louise Willemen, Senior Scientist (EcoAgriculture Working Group, Cornell University, New York).  This post is excerpted from the Agriculture and Ecosystem ...
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August 16, 2013

Regreening Climate Change Resilience: The Case of Burkina Faso

“If you want to know how to grow crops in the face of climate change, drought, and land degradation, ask Ousséni Kindo, Ousséni Zoromé, or Yacouba Sawadogo—three farmers in Burkina Faso’s Yatenga region.” These words began an article yesterday by Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative Co-organizer World Resources Institute. Referring to participant ...
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August 14, 2013

Resilience in the Sunderbans: Publication on Climate Change

As we approach several international meetings of minds in the coming months – Ecosystem Services Partnership conference, World Water Week, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – ‘resilience’ becomes an increasingly important concept for discussion. Whether in relation to water resource scarcity, l ...
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August 12, 2013

A Foodshed View of Resilience

By Philip Ackerman-Leist, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Director of the Masters in Sustainable Food Systems*, Green Mountain College, Vermont, USA As July transitioned to August, the Landscapes Blog concluded its second Roundtable, focused on urban food systems. What many of the authors alluded to, and what the rest of this month’s posts will […] ...
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August 9, 2013

Indigenous Peoples and the Diversity of Food

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. This year’s theme around building alliances is a reminder that indigenous people are often left out of political decision making processes that directly affect their lives and livelihoods. Today, it is vital to acknowledge the importance of indigenous peoples’ contributions to our collective knowledge of global ...
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