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The new Global Forest Watch is an interactive near-real-time deforestation alert system, which can help governments, private sector, NGO’s and communities to improve the management of forest resources. It combines the latest technology advances in remote sensing with mobile applications and social media, into a ground-breaking alert system that can be used by anybody interested in improving forest management and decreasing current deforestation rates. GFW can be used to guide action to deforestation hotspots and alert about breaches in contractual criteria e.g., logging in high conservation value forests, thus dramatically changing the efficiency of law enforcement and forest related decision-making.


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GFW can be used to visualize the complex land-use demands by overlaying data layers, contributing to the understanding of landscapes and the changes they face. This tool can also be used for collaborating with partners across sectors to recognize landscape challenges and build a shared vision for action.

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Niklas Hagelberg, - UNEP

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Researchers, Subnational / National Government

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