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The Gender and Inclusion Toolbox supports the integration of gender and social perspectives in climate and agriculture research and program development. In addition, the toolbox focuses on increasing the research capacity, skills and knowledge of its users, including non-governmental organisations, research for development programs, researchers and rural development actors.


Where it has been used

The participatory tools have been tested in Western Kenya through assistance from ICRAF, and Northern Ghana through the Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) with CARE International. Based on results from each session, the tools have been refined and reworked. 


How the tool is used for implementing a landscape approach

The methods can be used in a landscape management context as it supports the integration of gender and social aspects. Without taking gender aspects into consideration, landscape management will not be effective nor successful. The tools are practical, while supporting meaningful gender-research.

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Cecilia Schubert, Communications Officer - The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

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Development Practitioners, Landscape Leader, Researchers

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