São Felix do Xingu, Brazil

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São Felix do Xingu, Brazil

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Tropical Monsoon

Production Systems

Cocoa, Livestock


IMAFLORA works in São Felix do Xingu, Brazil. The city is located in the South of the Pará state in the Amazon region, a region greatly affected by illegal deforestation and conflicts over land tenure. The project supports spatial planning and value addition, especially in regards to production. Cocoa is an important crop for agricultural families, generating seven times the profits of livestock rearing. The project is working with GIS tools, as well as supporting restoration of watersheds and areas planned for reforestation.

Voices From The Field

Helping communities to plan their space better and bringing balance to rural areas have been my greatest motivations for this work.

Eduardo Trevisan Gonçalves Project Manager, IMAFLORA

Major Successes


Model Farms

One of the most successful activities has been the formation of good practice demonstration areas (Model Farms). Also, the creation and strengthening of a group of producers and technicians dedicated to disseminating practices for sustainable agricultural and improved cocoa production. These results have been possible because of the effort that has gone into disseminating best practices and dialogue with the community. Often, the communities have the best answers.

Working Together

Producers, cooperatives, NGOs and donors have been important for the success of this work. All of the activities were done through dialogue and participation.

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