April 19, 2015 - April 23, 2015

Global Soil Week

Berlin, Germany

What is Global Soil Week?

Global Soil Week is an international multi-stakeholder event dedicated to the sustainable management of soils. Sustainable soil management must build on economic, social and ecological considerations. The management of soils can only be sustainable, if it explicitly addresses the various inequalities that often characterize soil and land use and access. In order to make serious progress, we must find ways of addressing the impediments to change. This requires including not only academic knowledge but also the knowledge of those who work the soils, who are responsible for regulating soil use, who are making business by using ecosystem services of soils and those who represent Civil Society.

Global Soil Week adopts a transdisciplinary approach enabling an exchange between these different types of knowledge on an equal footing and explicitly encouraging contributions by non-academic organizations.

What are the goals of the week?

The Global Soil Week aims at (i) establishing a transdisciplinary process for exchanging knowledge and experiences on land and soil issues, and (ii) raising public awareness on the importance of soils globally to influence land and soil policies for sustainable development.

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