February 26, 2019 - February 28, 2019

Beating Famine 3: The Sahel Meeting the AFR100 Challenge

Bamako, Mali

The Sahel region of West Africa continues to feel the daunting impact of land and water degradation, soil infertility and climate change. This, coupled with a booming population and a lack of socioeconomic opportunities, has raised the likelihood of increased food insecurity and malnutrition in the region.

Building on a history of more than twenty years of successful environmental and agricultural restoration efforts, the farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR) and evergreening initiatives currently underway in West Africa have made the region a world leader in the movement for sustainable management. Though these cost-effective and appropriate interventions are available, they are not yet widely known and applied.

The third Beating Famine Conference, to be held in Bamako, Mali from the 25th to 28th this February, will focus on the Sahel and will leverage insights on existing restorative practices to inspire a continental movement.

To achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in the Sahar and the Sahel, the region must restore 10 million hectares per year by 2030. This conference is an opportunity to discuss the approaches and strategies needed to achieve regreening on this larger scale and amplify global support for grassroots restoration movements.

Farmers and representatives from governments, international NGOs, aid agencies, regional institutions, and the private sector will be able to share their experience, insights, and optimism. Attendees will be inspired to co-develop the trailblazing pathways capable of dramatically transforming Africa’s drylands and helping them reach their full potential.

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