April 9, 2016

The Landscapes Blog, by the numbers

The Editors, EcoAgriculture Partners

The momentum for the landscape approach is building, and the Landscapes Blog is keeping up.

A recent analysis of the Landscapes Blog’s progress in 2015 shows that the Landscapes Blog is a useful tool for getting landscape stories in front of important readers all over the world. Posts were viewed more than 45,000 times. Our tops individual posts reached more than 500 unique people, who spent more than 4 minutes on average exploring the material. Turn on a timer while you read this post and you’ll see, that’s a lifetime in the digital age! There are many more cool facts that came out of our assessment on the Blog’s reach and audience, but we’ll let this fun infographic do the rest of the sharing:

Infographic designed and produced by Lucila Fernandez, editor of the Landscapes Blog, with research help from Louis Wertz, Head of Communications at EcoAgriculture Partners.

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Top photo from Dominic Chavez/World Bank on the World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr.

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