November 16, 2013

Realizing the Promise of Climate-Smart Landscapes: Plenary Powerpoint

Landscapes are real things in the real world, not theoretical concepts.

Integrated landscape management is already happening in thousands of landscapes around the world, and it is having big impacts.

We have a lot to learn and do to scale up the approach, and we are here at the Global Landscapes Forum to start working together on those issues.

Sara Scherr rocks the mic at the GLF opening plenary - Photo courtesy of Neil Palmer/IWMI

These were the key messages of Sara J. Scherr’s opening plenary talk at the Global Landscapes Forum this afternoon in Warsaw. Scherr also emphasized the five key components of integrated landscape management for participants in the Global Landscapes Forum to focus on going forward. You can find those key components and a fuller discussion of what integrated landscape management is and can do in this newly released Policy Focus from EcoAgriculture Partners.

Photo courtesy of Neil Palmer/IWMI
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