December 16, 2016

Financing green: Bridging the gap between sustainable landscapes and investors

Louis Wertz, EcoAgriculture Partners

Trillions of dollars are available in funds to stop deforestation, reverse degradation, and integrate agriculture in the landscape.

But these are underspent due to a mismatch between the world of finance and the one of biodiversity. At the same time, innovative solutions are being developed in a diverse range of projects around the world today. What do they teach us about bridging the gap and making the match?

At “Financing Green,” a side event at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity’s 13th Conference of the Parties, three experts participated in a moderated discussion about this topic, and uncovered a lot of potential for rapid progress to bridge the gap.

Speakers are, in order of appearance:

  • Andre Brasser, Beagle Sustainability Solutions
  • Andrew Deutz, NatureVest
  • Sara J. Scherr, EcoAgriculture Partners
  • Arthur Eijs, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands
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