December 2, 2015

50 youth innovators and the power of team building

The Editors, EcoAgriculture Partners

Day 1 of the Youth in Landscapes initiative’s workshop, Global Landscapes Forum, Paris

Over 600 youth (defined as 18 – 30 years old) have registered to attend this year’s GLF. To put this in perspective: when you look around you at the GLF, almost one in every five delegates will be a student or young professional just starting out in their career.

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It’s official – the 2015 Youth in Landscapes Initiative has begun! 50 young innovators are working together to solve rights and tenure, finance, landscape restoration, education and water management challengesdeveloped with our partner organisations.

From 1-4 December, our workshop is designed to guide these 50 young people to be the collaborative, compassionate and courageous leaders that landscapes do need and will need far into the future.

The first day of the workshop was dedicated to building the right team spirit among the 50 participants to ensure fruitful collective action during the week. We have realized with years that “fun” and time to get to know each other and to bond as human beings is necessary to creating the right environment for building a common vision, making a difference and coordinating our efforts effectively.

The 50 young innovators started with determining their team agreement: a series of values and principles that would guide the way they will want to work together. They then embarked on a “scavenger hunt”: each group of 10 had to reach several locations in Paris, in a limited time, where an organizing team member was waiting for them, to take a picture with the banner #ThinkLandscape. The team which had reached the most location was the winner. A great way to spread the #ThinkLandscape attitude throughout Paris while building up the team spirits!

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