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13 Results for Research, Development and Training Gaps

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Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Integrated Landscape Initiatives

  • Koen Kusters
  • Louise Buck
  • Maartje de Graaf
  • Peter Minang
  • Cora van Oosten
  • Roderick Zagt

In this article we propose a participatory method to aid planning, monitoring, and evaluation of multi-stakeholder platforms, and we report on experiences from piloting the method in Ghana and..

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Examining multi-functionality cover

Examining multi-functionality for crop yield and ecosystem services in five systems of agroecological intensification

  • Kelly Garbach
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • Fabrice A.J. DeClerck
  • Maywa Montenegro de Wit
  • Laura Driscoll
  • Barbara Gemmill-Herren

Agroecological intensification (AEI) integrates ecological principles and biodiversity management into farming systems with the aims of increasing farm productivity, reducing dependency on external..

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African Business Engagement - Needs and Opportunities Assessment - Web Cover_Page_01

African Agribusiness Needs and Opportunities Assessment

  • Abigail Hart
  • Lee Gross

This document reports on a collaborative, stakeholder-engaged assessment of the resources that are needed to build capacities for meaningful private sector engagement in integrated landscape..

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RIABM’s Approach to Cross-Landscape Knowledge-Sharing: Ingredients for Success

  • Josique Lorenzo
  • Fernando Carrera
  • Ronnie de Camino
  • Roger Villalobos

This piece reflects on the Red Iberoamericana de Bosques Modelo (RIABM or Ibero-American Model Forest Network) approach as a basis for the creation of strong and effective networking initiatives. It..

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A Landscape Perspective on Monitoring & Evaluation for Sustainable Land Management

  • Louise Buck
  • Raffaela Kozar
  • John Recha
  • Ayal Desalegn
  • Christopher Planicka
  • Abigail Hart

This manual will aid trainers of sustainable land management (SLM) professionals to organize and conduct effective courses on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) from an integrated landscape management..

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Strengthening Capacities for Collaborative Landscape Management in Africa

  • Cora van Oosten
  • Louise Buck
  • Abigail Hart
  • Mariteuw Chimère Diaw

Working from a landscape perspective requires a broad spectrum of capacities. A recent study of integrated landscape initiatives (ILIs) in Africa exposes challenges, however, in realizing the..

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Priorities for Research in African Landscapes

  • Christine Negra
  • Wanja Kinuthia
  • Phosiso Sola
  • Celia A. Harvey
  • Carmen Jaquez
  • Gete Zeleke

Synthesized research is needed to develop and manage successful integrated landscapes initiatives in Africa. This brief brings together relevant knowledge and provides recommendations for actions for..

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The African Landscapes Action Plan Cover

The African Landscapes Action Plan

In July 2014, nearly 200 highly regarded experts, practitioners and policy makers from across Africa and around the world came together over three days to synthesize lessons learned from research and..

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Climate-Smart Landscapes: Opportunities and challenges for integrating adaptation and mitigation in tropical agriculture

  • Celia A. Harvey
  • Seth Shames
  • Mario Chacon
  • Camila I. Donatti
  • Eva Garen
  • Eva Wollenberg
  • Lee Hannah
  • Angela Andrade
  • Douglas Brown
  • Lucio Bede
  • Alicia Calle
  • Julian Chara
  • Christopher Clement
  • Elizabeth Gray
  • Minh Ha Hoang
  • Peter Minang
  • Ana Marıa Rodrıguez
  • Christina Seeberg-Elverfeldt
  • Sean Smukler
  • Emmanuel Torquebiau
  • Jacob van Etten
  • Eduardo Somarriba

Tropical agricultural systems can provide both mitigation and adaptation benefits if they are designed and managed appropriately.

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Solutions from the Land: Developing a New Vision for United States Agriculture, Forestry, and Conservation

  • Melinda Kimble
  • Neil Sampson

This report outlines ongoing land management challenges and proposes a vision for producing more agricultural and forestry products and ecosystem services with fewer inputs and environmental impacts...

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