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Institutional Landscape Analysis

Tool User: Community Member, Landscape Leader, Local Authority

This tool helps to identify the institutional landscape at landscapes, as being institutions of production, association, meaning and control.



Tool User: Community Member, Development Practitioners, Landscape Leader, Local Authority

An approach based on the notion of caring for your land as a community.



Tool User: Community Member, Landscape Leader, Local Authority, Subnational / National Government

QUICKScan is a participatory method supported by a software tool to enhance the exploratory dialogue in a facilitated workshop with policy makers, experts and stakeholders.


Corporate Ecosystem Services Review

Tool User: Businesses, Landscape Leader

A structured method that helps corporate managers proactively develop strategies to manage business risks and opportunities arising from their company’s dependence and impact on ecosystems.


Sentinel Landscapes Initiative

Tool User: Development Practitioners, Local Authority, Researchers, Subnational / National Government

A set of systematic data collection tools that measure environmental and livelihood outcomes, while quantifying environmental and institutional conditions.


Infrared spectroscopy: a diagnostic tool for land health surveillance

Tool User: Researchers

Diagnostic surveillance framework modeled on medical diagnostic approaches for evidence-based management of agriculture and environment.


The Landscapes Portal

Tool User: Development Practitioners, Researchers

The ultimate goal of the Landscapes Portal is to improve our understanding of drivers of change in complex social-ecological systems.


Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity Assessment (BROA)

Tool User: Businesses, Landscape Leader

Process to identify the impacts and dependencies of agriculture on biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES).


Sketch & Match

Tool User: Development Practitioners, Local Authority, Subnational / National Government

Sketch&Match: method used to identify & visualize potential development paths & thus facilitate a decision making process for managers, policymakers & local stakeholders.


Strengthening Rural Institutions

Tool User: Development Practitioners, Landscape Leader

A framework to analyse, plan, initiate, implement, and monitor the development of greater capacity in rural institutions.