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Sketch&Match is a method used to identify & visualize potential development paths and thus facilitate a decision-making process for managers, policymakers and local stakeholders. It is an intensive process that organisations and other interested parties can use in their own areas. The success of sketching lies in the fact that people tend to think in images and thus alternative ways from spoken or written language. Sketching forces people to mull over the lines they're drawing on paper, slide or map.


Where it has been used

Besides in the Netherlands, the tool has been used in Ethiopia, in the participatory integrated management plan for lake Ziway; Egypt, for improvement of water efficiency in the Nile delta; Turkey, for integrated plans for parts of the southeastern Anatolia project; Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, for development of a bottom up Rural Development Plan; Romania, for integrated flood risk reduction plan for the Danube at Galati; and Georgia, for the integrated development plan for coastal area of Batumi.


How the tool is used for implementing a landscape approach

In the region of lake Ziway (Ethiopia) water resources are depleting and water quality is deteriorating. This leads to tension between ethnic groups and commercial enterprises depending on water (flower growing). The Sketch & Match has lead to a feasible and overall supported integrated plan for the management of Lake Ziway region and has reduced tension between the main stakeholders. Parts of the plan are in implementation.  

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Guus Schutjes, Senior Officer and Programme Manager - DLG Government Service for Land and Water Management, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Government of The Netherlands

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Development Practitioners, Local Authority, Subnational / National Government

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