September 21, 2016

Equator Initiative shares local voices for climate action

New video series raises awareness of indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ solutions to global problems, especially climate change.

The series, produced by the Equator Initiative, debuted this week while global leaders attend “Climate Week” events in New York City while gathered for the 2016 United Nations General Assembly.

Climate Week is a high-profile gathering of influential global figures from the worlds of business, government and society who are leading the low carbon transition. Taking advantage of the event’s strong social media presence, Equator Initiative thrust the voices of indigenous and community leaders into the conversation.


The campaign  features Equator Prize winners whose initiatives represent the local action urgently needed to solve the climate crisis. In short, climate targets and sustainable development will not be achieved without indigenous peoples and local communities.


The series of 10 films are being issued two per day during the week, to highlight the contribution of indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ traditional knowledge to climate action.


Watch all the films on the Equator Initiative’s Vimeo page.

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