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18 Results for Track Record of Landscape Initiatives

Integrated landscape initiatives for agriculture, livelihoods and ecosystem conservation: An assessment of experiences from South and Southeast Asia

  • Camilla Zanzanaini
  • Binh Thi Trần
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • Fabrice A.J. DeClerck
  • Integrated landscape approaches offer a means of integrating policy and practice to ensure equitable and sustainable use of land while strengthening measures to improve environmental conservation, production, and well-being outcomes. While...

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Integrated landscape initiatives in Europe

  • María García-Martín
  • Claudia Bieling
  • Tobias Plieninger
  • Landscapes are linked to human well-being in a multitude of ways, some of which are challenged by global market forces and traditional management approaches. In response to this situation there has been a rise in local initiatives to sustain the...

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Integrated landscape approaches to managing social and environmental issues in the tropics: learning from the past to guide the future

    This paper reviews the literature on integrated landscape approaches to attempt a synthesis of the barriers to adoption and a refined definition of the term.

  • James Reed
  • Josh Van Vianen
  • Elizabeth L. Deakin
  • Jos Barlow
  • Terry Sunderland
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Multi-functional landscapes from the grassroots? The role of rural producer movements

  • Philip McMichael
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • Sara Scherr
  • This paper explores the role and recent evolution of producer movements in influencing multi-functional farm and landscape management, and suggests that producer movements are playing pivotal roles in supporting landscape multi-functionality, not...

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Infographic: The Current State of Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Elise Ursin
  • Eva Fillion
  • For this study, we define ILIs as projects, programs, platforms, initiatives or sets of activities that: (1) seek to simultaneously improve food production, biodiversity, ecosystems and rural livelihoods; (2) work at a landscape scale; (3) involve...

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Infographic: An Illustrated Look at Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Africa

  • Eva Fillion
  • Elise Ursin
  • We surveyed leaders and managers of ILIs in 33 African countries to provide the first region-wide portrait of contexts, motivations, design, participation and outcomes of such initiatives. Results suggest that ILIs are promoting...

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EcoLogic Pico Bonito Case Study Cover Image

Bridging the Gap from Local to Landscape in Northern Honduras

  • Dave Kramer
  • Brian Lunardi
  • Barbara Vallarino
  • This case study focuses on an approach to scaling up local-level development and resource management projects to a broader geography, uniting forces across a landscape. It proposes that a strong local "backbone" organization is needed for...

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Advancing and Balancing Ecological Conservation, Agricultural Production and Local Livelihood Goals in Kenya’s Kikuyu Escarpment Landscape

  • Louise Buck
  • Courtney Wallace-Stokes
  • David Kuria
  • Jeffrey C. Milder
  • This case study characterizes the Kikuyu Escarpment landscape and describes the ways in which an integrated landscape management approach has enabled local communities to define and pursue their goals related to agricultural development and...

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