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Milder, Jeffrey C., Abigail K. Hart, Philip Dobie, Joshua Minai, Christi Zaleski. 2014. Integrated Landscape Initiatives for African Agriculture, Development, and Conservation: A Region-Wide Assessment. World Development, Volume 54, February 2014, Pages 68-80.

Integrated Landscape Initiatives for African Agriculture, Development, and Conservation

A Region-Wide Assessment



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February 1, 2014


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The authors conducted a systematic review and characterization of integrated landscape approaches in Africa.


Integrated Landscape Initiatives in Africa: What We Found

This 10 minute webinar voiced by author Abigail Hart provides a brief but thorough overview of this article.

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Increased investment in integrated activity

Recent years have witnessed increased investment in African rural landscapes for agriculture and food security, poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation, and ecosystem conservation. While such investments historically tended to be made independently under sectoral programs, a new wave of integrated landscape initiatives (ILIs) is promoting integrated, multi-objective management of rural landscapes.

First Africa-wide picture of integrated initiatives

We surveyed leaders and managers of 87 ILIs in 33 African countries to provide the first region-wide portrait of contexts, motivations, design, participation, and outcomes of such initiatives. Results suggest that ILIs are promoting “multi-functionality” of rural regions, while aiding stakeholders in mediating tradeoffs and synergies among multiple outcomes.

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