September 7, 2012

Nature + People and Food

Moving rapidly from climate change and agriculture, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress began yesterday morning in Jeju, South Korea. With this year’s theme ‘Nature +’ the Congress is looking beyond conservation and environmental protection, to the interplay between human needs and activities and the natural world. One of the sub-themes this year is Nature+ Food: can we feed the world sustainably? A suite of esteemed speakers will tackle the topic in the coming week. One such speaker has already shared his views on agro-ecological techniques and enhancing the synergies between natural and agricultural ecosystems: His Royal Highness, Prince Charles. Advocating for an integrated ecosystem-based approach to agriculture, he cites an example of grazing in Zimbabwe and other arid regions as an important process for both the health of the land and the livelihoods and sustenance of its human inhabitants. Watch his entire message below.

More videos are available online.

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