Landscape performance scorecard (LPS)

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The landscape performance scorecard (LPS) engages stakeholders in scoring and qualitatively assessing their landscape on the basis of 20 outcome-oriented performance criteria related to conservation, production, livelihood and institutional goals. The data captured in an easy to use excel spreadsheet are displayed in a spider diagram format and used to focus multi-sector discussion on needs and ways to improve the landscape, and track change in landscape performance over time.


How the tool is used for implementing a landscape approach

Assessing a landscape’s performance across four key goals helps to foster a landscape perspective among participants. Reviewing the assessment leads to discussion among participants about strengths and weaknesses of the landscape and what might be done to improve performance in the future. Results can also be used to track change in the landscape over time.

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Louise Buck, Cornell University

, EcoAgriculture Partners

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Community Member, Development Practitioners, Landscape Leader

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