Assisted Natural Regeneration of Trees (ANR / RNA)

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Assisted Natural Regeneration of Trees (ANR, or RNA in French) is an approach to agroforestry which relies on local knowledge as well as natural regeneration properties. It is an approach to reduce forest destruction and maintain biodiversity. It can be used to support sustainable livelihood and for projects that aim to reclaim over-exploited land. 

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Where it has been used

ANR has been used in tree savannah landscape in West Africa, particularly in Burkina Faso. It has also been used in tropical rainforest and coffee culture zones in Central America


How the tool is used for implementing a landscape approach

ANR has been used in Africa to prevent erosion and loss of soil fertility while also maintaining biodiversity. It is useful for implementing an integrated multipurpose use of lands and vegetation.

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J.J. (Hans) Groenendijk, Senior Expert / Consultant - TISE Consultancy BV

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Community Member, Development Practitioners, Landscape Leader, Researchers

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