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September 15, 2017

Blue Waters and Green Mountains: Opening A New Era of Integrated Landscape Management in China

Sara Scherr EcoAgriculture Partners

Three impressive landscapes demonstrate the triumphs, and challenges, of integrated landscape management in the world’s most populous country. In August I spent several energizing weeks in western China, visiting three landscapes with Professor Li Changxiao of China’s Southwest University, one of the country’s leading experts on landscape restoration and a Fellow of EcoAg ...
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March 30, 2017

The Grapes of Ziway: Business in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Tuscany, Napa Valley, South Africa—you’re thinking of wine right? Well if you haven’t already, you should add one more region to that list: the Central Rift Valley, Ethiopia. Castel Winery is making a name for itself in the global wine industry and for more reasons than just the quality of its beverage. Situated on the […] ...
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March 7, 2017

The ingredients of integrated landscape management: exploring the benefits of watershed restoration in Aba Gerima

Soil erosion had been a source of conflict for the farmers of Aba Gerima. Rains would cause soil to wash downstream, from one farmer’s plot to others, each year and damage crops. When the treatment of Aba Gerima watershed in Ethiopia began in 2012 with construction of physical and biological conservation mechanisms, such as soil […] ...
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March 3, 2017

The ingredients of integrated landscape management: The case of Aba Gerima

I arrived in Aba Gerima just days before planting season began, during an unusual week of rest for the farming community. While my fortunate timing was unintentional, this afforded me the opportunity to speak with over 70 community members over the course of five days. I was in Aba Gerima to conduct research for my […] ...
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February 21, 2017

For all of us – the Yewol Mountains of Ethiopia

Joanna Kane-Potaka ICRISAT

In the highlands of northern Ethiopia, farming families often live a very basic subsistence lifestyle. In the drought years, which are common, food and water is scarce. Severe soil erosion plagues the Yewol watershed highlands and there are extreme dry periods each year. There was little water management in the past and so water is […] ...
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August 4, 2016

Shared value in supply chains as a step toward landscape management

Catherine Rothacker EcoAgriculture Partners

Achieving rural development, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation goals through integrated landscape management is a complex, long-term investment for stakeholders—how can the private sector, government, and civil society take steps to make this transformational approach a reality and provide benefits to stakeholders in the near term? A collaboration among ...
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July 28, 2016

Four lessons for private sector engagement from the Sustainable Landscapes Partnership

Simon Badcock Conservation International Catherine Rothacker

In North Sumatra, Indonesia, a complex mosaic of land uses, values and challenges, Conservation International (CI) is working with USAID and the Walton Family Foundation on the Sustainable Landscapes Partnership. This article is the second in a series of stories about landscape partnerships that effectively include private sector actors that were showcased at the Business ...
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July 20, 2016

Mato Grosso links agribusiness supply chains to landscapes through jurisdictional sustainability

Catherine Rothacker EcoAgriculture Partners

Mato Grosso, the agricultural giant Brazilian state, has traded in a race to the bottom for a leading role testing and implementing a jurisdictional sustainability governance model. This article is the first in a series of stories about landscape partnerships that effectively include private sector actors that were showcased at the Business for Sustainable Landscapes Work ...
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June 17, 2016

Jurisdictional sustainability: connecting supply chains to landscapes

Catherine Rothacker EcoAgriculture Partners

Jurisdictional approaches are emerging as a promising model of landscape partnership. Landscape partnerships take many forms: regional watershed stewardship, private sector initiatives to generate shared value, indigenous traditional systems, etc. Jurisdictional sustainability approaches are distinct in that they specifically operate across an entire political geography such ...
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May 31, 2016

Networks for Large Landscape Conservation in North America

R. Patrick Bixler Texas A&M University

A central challenge of working at the many different scales of the Crown of the Continent is the number of boundaries that exist across the landscape. Applications of network governance at the Crown of the Continent The Crown of the Continent is a vast, unique region, with its 18 million acres stretching from Montana to […] ...
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