April 24, 2015

An Old but Still Pertinent Soil-ution from West Sumatra

Carol J. Pierce Colfer Cornell University CIFOR

In 1983, our team (from the University of Hawaii, North Carolina State and the Indonesian Center for Soils Research) began a multi-year program in Sitiung, West Sumatra. We began our work using a Farming Systems approach, living in a village and working collaboratively with local farmers. The Indonesian policy at the time called for food […] ...
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October 3, 2014

Four Things I Learned From the Equator Prize Award Ceremony

Margie Miller EcoAgriculture Partners

Last month, I blogged about the Equator Prize, which honors community-based groups for achievements in “advancing local sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities.” Today I’m going to share four things I learned at the award ceremony, which took place September 20th.  Jane Goodall hasn’t heard of the landscape approach…but ...
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September 26, 2014

Worth More than a Thousand Words: Photovoice in Multi-Stakeholder Decision Making

Greg Spira Cuso International

People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Advocacy campaigns frequently present stark images that ostensibly speak for themselves. These images are highly evocative and effective at provoking outside action. But are a thousand words really enough? Within large landscapes, individuals, communities and diverse interest groups possess distinct perspectives and vis ...
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August 29, 2014

Guna Yala and REDD+: A Look at Why Some Resist

Jes Walton EcoAgriculture Partners

Recently, several of us at EcoAgriculture Partners discussed the need to explore why some groups resist or hesitate to adopt ecoagricultural practices and integrated approaches to landscape management. As the Third International Conference for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) meets in Samoa this week, the case of the Guna people, whose ancestral lands of Guna […] ...
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August 8, 2014

Recognizing the Rights and Contributions of Indigenous Peoples as Stewards of Landscapes

Jes Walton EcoAgriculture Partners

This year’s International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples focuses on the rights and contributions of diverse knowledge systems to many aspects of our lives. Indigenous and rural communities have developed and maintained integrated systems for people, food and nature for centuries. Farmers, fisherfolk, pastoralists, horticulturalists, foresters and landless peasants m ...
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June 6, 2014

Biodiverse Planting for Carbon and Biodiversity on Indigenous Land

By Anna. R. Renwick, NERP Environmental Decisions Hub, University of Queensland, Brisbane Climate change has prompted the development of methods to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and many countries have established emissions trading schemes that offer incentives to offset carbon emissions. In addition to carbon storage, these schemes have the potential to deliver ot ...
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April 21, 2014

Conservation Incentive Program Shows Payoffs in Brazil

Editor’s Note: A new study on a program called Bolsa Floresta (which translates to “forest allowance”) pays families and small farmers to participate in conservation programming, and its positive results point to opportunities to expand similar financing programs. This post was originally published on ForestsNews, the blog of The Center for International Fore ...
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October 9, 2013

Serranía de los Paraguas: Diversidad para la Resiliencia

English Español Serranía de los Paraguas, a recognized Coffee Cultural Landscape and World Heritage Site by UNESCO, sits in a mountainous region of western Colombia. The rich biodiversity of the landscape’s natural reserves has been protected by establishing a network of leaders with a commitment to agroecological farming and community-based ecotourism, based on activities ...
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August 9, 2013

Indigenous Peoples and the Diversity of Food

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. This year’s theme around building alliances is a reminder that indigenous people are often left out of political decision making processes that directly affect their lives and livelihoods. Today, it is vital to acknowledge the importance of indigenous peoples’ contributions to our collective knowledge of global ...
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August 7, 2013

Indigenous Peoples Rights and Land Grabbing Violations

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is on Friday, August 9th, and this year’s theme is “Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements.” In recognition of this upcoming day, the Landscapes Blog is taking a look at agreements that have been made to protect indigenous peoples land and rights ...
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