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The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative

is powered by the activity of its working groups, made up of dedicated partners from organizations around the world, collaborating toward shared goals. Your contributions are welcome!

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Landscape Strengthening

The Landscape Initiative’s highest priority is to strengthen the implementation of multi-stakeholder agricultural landscape efforts around the world. Activities focus on improving capacities for managing farms and whole landscapes for the full range of needed products and ecosystem services, while conserving biodiversity.

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Countries around the world have begun to establish policy frameworks that make it easier to undertake multi-stakeholder, inter-sectoral landscape initiatives. The Initiative is assisting interested countries to design and implement local, state or national level policies and programs tailored to their contexts.

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Sustainability initiatives in agribusiness and the food industry have grown dramatically over the past two decades, but are currently not well-linked to efforts in other sectors. The Initiative is collaborating with business partners to refine the “business case” for engagement in integrated landscape initiatives and support the implementation of business partnerships in landscapes.

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Most public financing in agricultural landscapes is sector-based. The Initiative is working with financial experts and development partners to evaluate the financial case and mechanisms for integrated landscape investments, mobilize greater public financing of integrated landscape strategies and work with international institutions to open or expand windows of financing for integrated landscape investment.

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Science and Knowledge

While research to support the design and implementation of integrated landscape approaches has expanded greatly, the knowledge base remains inadequate to support understanding, management, and policy-making for integrated landscape systems. Scientists involved in the Initiative are working to sharpen the focus and strengthen the quality of landscape research and to catalyze increased funding to improve the evidence base for managing whole landscapes.

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